Pia Hofmann

Consultant and Visionary
Portrait von Pia Hofmann

»The world we live in today was shaped by our past world and our environment. It’s an achievement, and I consider treating it with appreciation and preserving it for future generations as a beautiful and challenging task for the generation that is currently working. That will take sustainable change. Being part of that gives me great pleasure.«

With my technical and engineering background, I understand and appreciate the world of hard facts, predictability and clarity. With my background in systems, I am fascinated by the facets of human communication and ambiguity. I am equally at home in the tech and systemic mindsets (and language), and I enjoy taking on the role of an interpreter.

Sustainability is near and dear to my heart. On my many travels around the world, I have experienced the pros and cons of our globalised economy. Now, in my work as a consultant, I create spaces where taboos can be broken without fear and slowing down can be productive. Spaces where looking at the wider context becomes fun and exciting – and results in sustainable decisions that stick.

  • Systemic consultant at trainconsulting
  • Years of professional experience in technology and in leading projects in the construction and steel industries;
  • Degree in mechanical engineering, studies abroad in Australia and Latvia
  • Organisational constellation practitioner
  • Resident of Vienna with roots in Pinzgau, Salzburg. Feels happy all over the world and at home in Austria
  • TEDx organiser in Vienna
  • Working Languages are german (native) and english (fluent)
Publications by Pia Hofmann