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To do business successfully in the future, companies need the skills to handle crises and changes in the environment constructively. In other words: change isn’t an event. It is a key competency that organisations need for their survival.

Companies that are not willing to change are doomed to fail.

If you don’t adapt to new challenges, you will eventually be shunted aside.

That may sound dogmatic, but in fact it is a sure-fire prediction based on all the current knowledge and events. Ecological sensitivity and the ability to withstand crises have become relevant factors in business. In other words: change management is a vital key competency.

Many companies have already set off on this journey toward change with us. And they have been successful. Yes, the journey is fraught with challenges that cannot be mastered alone. Like a mountain climb, everything hinges on good preparation, effective, top-quality tools, and capable team members who respect one another.

Bringing systemic consulting into this process helps you to: 

  • Get a fresh look at your organisation from other people’s perspectives
  • Change business models and strategies with an eye to the organisation’s environments
  • Settle conflicts that are necessary but useful to the organisation
  • Find a constructive way to handle conflicts
  • Define clear criteria for making far-reaching decisions

We make sure that the organisation learns along with its structures.

When you fly, you may reach your destination faster. When you take the train, it’s less stressful and you can learn from the journey itself. People engage when they see a reason to do so and the motives are clear. When they are also involved in the change process, they trust in the journey, even when it leads to an unknown future.

What does that look like in practice?

It creates spaces where people work together in ways that are suitable for future challenges. During the consulting, analysis, design and implementation all happen at the same time. New ideas aren’t just written down – they are put into action and tested out. That exposes obstructive, dysfunctional processes so that they can be changed.

The change formula for profound transformation, Richard Beckhard, reimagined by R. Seliger

Organisations are social systems and they unthinkingly reproduce entrenched behaviour

We want to inject sustainability into your change processes and show you how you can embed yourself mindfully into social and physical environments, conduct business with care and create team spirit – with customers and among the staff.  

Our tools and methods:

  • Interdisciplinary leadership and working teams
  • Intelligent spaces for refection and open discussion
  • Roadmaps that consistently take their cue from the company’s strategy and core business
  • And confidence!

»Power is what you need
when you’re up to something bad;
love is enough for
everything else …«

Charlie Chaplin

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