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Shaping a business model

Everything is fluid. Especially companies. Target groups change and develop. Technical developments influence products and political as well as social changes have an impact on employees. In order to set the right course for the future, organisations need strategies to adapt their processes. In reality, this is often a crucial test.

Business models from thick books, developed by theorists in sterile meeting rooms, have always had little chance of lasting success. ” Off-the-peg management” has given way to the “customer and employer point of view”. If you want to enter the new world, you must reposition your company. A manager has to be able to put himself in the shoes of his customers and employees. As a manager, you should look at problems yourself and “from the inside” instead of dictating views from above. However, not everyone can do this.

The systemic approach of Trainconsulting

We support leaders to remain strong in their role: We design strategy processes with senior management that are based on evidence and an outside perspective. We help them find tools that enable them to observe environmental changes and deal with them immediately within the organisation. This is a better way to deal with the unexpected.

In order for the strategy to reach the depths of the organisation, we activate the entire leadership community. Everyone who is involved in the customer experience.

This can only be done with external help. New approaches are needed for finding, communicating and implementing decisions that do justice to the complexity of our time.

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Effect through sustainability

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Sustainability and social responsibility are the new priorities.

The idea that growth is unlimited has taken a hit: We see that we are very much limited and slowed down in our actions. Especially by nature.

Companies today are caught between economic pressure and ecological responsibility.

We help companies to reduce said tension between societal expectations and internal demands for success and to establish a sustainable path that is manageable for everyone involved.

Starting point: A leader should always act strategically

Organisations need stable, crises-proof strategies. They need a coherent corporate culture. Processes in which environments are observed and influences through change are directly integrated into the organisation.

If you want to enter the new corporate world, you must create a culture of cooperation in the management team. This must be characterised by the ability to provide feedback, plain speaking and trust. Especially important: Situational reflecting and constant adaptation of the strategy.

We teach the use of settings, forms and tools that support this culture: Such as collaborative and agile ways of working, where they are useful.

Working on the business model

When we develop new business models together with clients, the following questions drive us:

  • Who are our customers? What are their lifestyles and experiences all about?
  • Passion: What drives us and what do we love about it?
  • Sustainability and responsibility: What influence and value do our actions have on and for society? What about ecology and economy and how much are steering groups already part of the business model?
  • Value drivers: Which products are our driving force? How and with what do we create profit? Who are the most important partners?
  • Potential core competencies: What can we do really well today? What can we do excellently and better than the others?
  • Value proposition: Where exactly do we create value for our customers in their environments?
  • Value creation: How do we create value? With which platforms? What does the value chain look like?

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