Harald Lederer

Consultant and organisational constellation practitioner
Portrait von Harald Lederer

»For me, entrepreneurial action is only meaningful when its impact on environments and people is taken into account. In the context of the pandemic, the climate crisis and social change, it has become crystal clear that this responsibility will be a crucial prerequisite for continuing to do business successfully in the future. It is from this perspective that I advise organisations on their journey.«

In my work as a consultant, I design processes for profound change and company management. I design interventions to put behaviours, attitudes and structures on track for successful change.

I work with decision makers on their organisation’s identity and on visions that provide stability and guidance in uncertain times.

My clients attest to my ability to approach critical and conflict-laden situations by consistently imparting clarity and calm, creating a constructive framework for dialogue. By addressing critical issues head-on and introducing ideas that may even provoke people, energy is unleashed and people can look toward the future and refocus on goals.

  • Partner, Trainconsulting
  • 30 years of leadership experience
  • 20 years in management in the healthcare sector, in branding and market communications
  • Native of Upper Austria, chef, fan of vinyl and classical/jazz/news radio, …
  • Working Languages are German (native) and Englis
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