Hannah Lux


»Change always starts with the willingness to change on the inside. I am absolutely convinced of this. Accompanying people and organisations in this process of taking actions with integrity, courage and sustainability that lead to real transformation, fills me with great gratitude and deep joy. «

As a pioneer in the entrepreneurship sector, I have spent the past 15 years founding and running various organisations. In this process, I have learned one thing: although profound organisational change is difficult and sometimes painful, each of these challenges present at least as many opportunities – and often unforeseen new positive paths. This potential for change and creation only manifests when we embrace these moments of uncertainty in deep transformation.

When we succeed in facilitating cooperation at eye level and uncovering the processes that drive creativity and innovation towards a positive future, my heart begins to beat faster.

Always keeping an eye on the big picture and a great respect for each individual, I accompany organisations on their way towards social, ecological and economic balance.

  • Systemic consultant at Trainconsulting
  • (Social & start-up) entrepreneur and social innovator (e.g. co-founder of Vollpension)
  • Various supervisory and advisory board positions
  • 15 years of entrepreneurial and management experience
  • Keynote speaker (e.g. on (social) innovation, new generation leadership, healthy organisations)
  • Co-founder of IDG Hub Austria (Inner Development Goals)

For me, Hannah Lux is a changemaker who will not settle for the status quo and always has the big picture in mind. A true sparring partner and team player who never loses sight of the goal, is open and authentic.  Someone who asks questions that lead to in-depth conversations that strengthen and sharpen purpose and vision. She combines human empathy and a professional attitude.

Christine Antlanger Winter, country director Google Austria
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