Air Conditioning

Strategy. Always.

The sales organisation of a Japanese manufacturer of refrigeration and heating technology wants to sell directly to end customers as well as to dealers in the future.

Over the last seven years, this organisation has tripled its revenue and the size of its workforce. Now it is about to make some major acquisitions that will dwarf even this growth.

The challenge

Until recently, the company didn’t have any direct customer contact. That means that every new strategy and every new product was dependant on the quality of the feedback from the dealers. A wall had been erected between the market and the company.

Trainconsulting worked with their management to develop a process for designing and implementing contact and communication with end customers, and at the same time thought about how the dealers could be included on this journey in such a way that the apparent competition with the company could be transformed into a co-creation.

The results of the process

The company has built a strong management team internally, which has learned how to deal with complex change in the market and at the same time has set itself up for large-scale growth.

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