Lothar Wenzl

Consultant and Emboldener
Portrait von Lothar Wenzl

»I have been fortunate enough to help decision-makers who are facing so many challenges to strike a balance between financial matters and social and ecological responsibility. This is a challenging task for all of us and can even be overwhelming. Therefore, the top tier of every organisation needs an outsider’s perspective, a sparring partner and support – all at the same time. That’s when the magic happens that brings out the best in people and companies.«

»He makes our character think.«
»Big pictures and confidence«
»He builds a secure framework for change.«

Systemic organisational consultant for profound transformation processes that help to create beautiful and successful organisations. The focus is usually on matters of strategy, business models or organisational design – and on the decision makers.

  • Managing Director and Partner, trainconsulting
  • Author of Die Spielregeln der Führung (The Rules of the Management Game), 2015, and numerous industry articles
  • Speaker and lecturer
  • Many years of experience in leadership roles in sales and HR management at international companies
  • Studied business in Vienna and Puebla, Mexico

Working Languages are German (native), English, and Spanish

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