Sabine Zhang

Consultant and Emboldener
Portrait von Sabine Zhang

»Sometimes I prefer not to say anything.«

She’s at home in various complex worlds and languages and revels in reading between the lines. Always asks the right questions. Incorporates different perspectives and considers contradictions an inspiration for innovation. Designs forums where conflict gives way to dialogue.

Core conviction: a good life for ten billion people on this planet with limited resources is achievable. Verdict: the social and technological transformation necessary to make it happen is simply a matter of will.

  • A systemic organisational consultant and a sparring partner for executives.
  • Former CEO of a human rights organisation, efficiency consultant at manufacturing companies and Chief Representative in the paper business in China.
  • Has lived and worked in Austria, China, India, Senegal and Ukraine.
  • Is fluent in Chinese, German, English and French.
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