Barbara Bindl


»We need new approaches for framework conditions in companies and standards in the economy to exploit the existing, partially untapped potential. I am happy to accompany organisations on this path with creativity, humor and innovative strength.«

As a systemic management consultant, I facilitate and advise companies during whole transformation processes. I support you in exploiting existing and future potential to be successful and competitive in the future. The focus is usually on questions of strategy, business models, organizational design and team performance.

»Barbara works with people on creative sustainable solutions with a humorous and energetic style.«

My personal passion is working with people and teams, on solutions that are full of energy and innovative strength and are implemented in a targeted manner.

  • Systemic consultant at Trainconsulting
  • Study abroad in Norway
  • Many years of experience – at home and abroad – in global corporations in the automotive, steel and automotive supplier industries
  • Lecturer at the Johannes Kepler University
  • Born and raised in Upper Austria