Vanessa Ehmann

Courses | Marketing | Consulting Support
Portrait Vanessa Ehmann

»Developing and designing unforgettable learning experiences is particularly important to me. I am happy to contribute to the success of our participants and customers.«


  • Course supervision
  • Project management
  • Workshop support
  • Marketing & communication support
  • Consulting support
  • Service Design Practitioner

Education and professional background

  • Studied theater, linguistics, as well as phonetics and linguistic communication at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • Training as a vocal coach (for rock/pop/musical) and as a certified mental trainer in Vienna
  • Event organization, press and marketing for various theater and cultural events in Germany and Austria
  • Vocal Coach and Trainer (for singing and personal development)
  • Customer Success and Feedback Manager
  • Project management training