Thomas Schöller

Consultant and Organisational Designer
Portrait von Thomas Schöller

»It’s not about preparing yourself perfectly for a particular future any longer. What we need to learn now is how to stay proactive and effective in unforeseen scenarios – and have the courage to try new things.«

Initiator and sparring partner who helps realign and redesign meaningful organisations – with a sharp eye for (dys)functional patterns.

Designer of spaces where curious people, teams and organisations have profound learning experiences – inspiring, courageous, passionate.

Builder of bridges between traditional industries and the new economy with a focus on emerging synergies – encouraging, networking and partnering.

  • 12 years as a partner at Trainconsulting
  • 24 years as a systemic organisational consultant
  • Lecturer in organisational development, knowledge management and systemic organisational consulting (Danube University Krems, Webster University and others)
  • Researcher on the future of work, particularly the management of organisations in dynamic markets and autonomous forms of collaboration
  • Psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Working Languages are German (native) and English
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