Johannes Köpl

Consultant and Org Designer
Portrait von Johannes Köpl vor einem Flipchart

»As a consultant, I look at organisations from an ethnologist’s perspective: with curiosity and respect for their internal logic. When I train my eye on what is normally invisible, my clients gain new perspectives for their company.«

Designer of transformation processes that go below the surface. Trailblazer and provider of confidence on journeys into uncharted territory. Organisational culture expert and passionate developer of leadership on the edge. Organisational constellation practitioner and expert in changing perspectives. Traveller, cosmopolitan and translator between theory and practice.

  • Partner, trainconsulting
  • Systemic organisational consultant, trainer and coach
  • Lecturer in organisational culture
  • Many years of international experience in HR as well as staff, organisation and leadership development
  • Economist and ethnologist
  • Has worked and lived in Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the USA, and travelled to over 60 countries around the world
  • Working Languages are German (native), English and Spanish
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