Our Tool-Box in-house programme addresses every company that faces the challenges of modern communication requirements, such as cross-cultural or global communication, distributed teams and workplaces and restructuring caused by organisational change processes. The individual executives and managers that benefit most from the tools custom-designed in your Tool Box range from HR experts and strategy and marketing managers to project managers and trainers with facilitating roles and include everyone who influences and designs communication goals and outcomes in meetings, workshops or conventions.

How participants will learn

  • As participants ponder, experiment, observe, reflect, and receive feedback they will learn in an appreciative but challenging environment.
  • Compact input will inspire new ideas and sort familiar ones.
  • Participants will identify their own goals and work on their specific topics during the programme.
  • This makes certain theory and practice remain aligned at all times.
  • Certain exercises will raise awareness of individual behavioural patterns. Reflection and practice will enhance strengths and change obstructive patterns.
  • The ongoing exchange of experiences within the group opens up new perspectives. Networks will evolve. And all this in a positive and joyful fostering atmosphere.

What participants will gain

  • A whole box of tools for useful interventions and helpful inputs
  • In-depth know-how to plan a whole range of events and encounters and to remain on top in complex communication processes
  • A professional attitude and a clear, self-aware concept of their own role
  • Confidence and authority when managing or facilitating difficult situations

trainconsulting is one of the best addresses for education in systemic methods with a focus on strictly practical application.

We offer the Tool Box as an in-house program for organisations. The programme is available in German and English. The modules, exercises and units are customised to suit the needs of the participants and the goals of the organisation.

Details and organisation

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