Rules of leadership

Experiences and insights from companies.

On the basis of empirical studies, Oliver Schrader and Lothar Wenzl make unconscious structures visible and help to see through one’s own leadership culture.

2015, Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, ISBN 10 379-1034-014 (published in German)

Which phenomena and patterns influence the management of companies? The book gives a qualitative analysis of often unconscious structures and patterns that are relevant across company boundaries. Knowing them you will recognize some of these patterns or gain new insights into your own organization.


Portrait von Oliver Schrader

Oliver Schrader

Systemic organisational consultant, social scientist, coach, author, lecturer, expert in organisational analysis and large groups
+43 699 192 31 756

Portrait von Lothar Wenzl

Lothar Wenzl

Systemic organisational consultant for profound transformation processes that help to create beautiful and successful organisations.
+43 664 150 23 70