We help shape companies to get the work done in an effective and meaningful way. The successful results are tangible.

Companies need state-of-the-art responses not only to outside factors such as digitalisation, global competition or social changes. There are also requirements which originate from inside the organisation and questions arise about the sensibility or efficacy of certain ways. Taken together, they influence a company's success.

Organisational design deals with all of those aspects. It spans across the whole company and shapes the interrelations of all relevant criteria, from the business model to everyone working there. Organisational design influences and moulds structures, workflows and decision-making processes. It defines codes of conduct and rules wherever they may be needed. In the end, it contributes much even to the nature of the company's brand. With a strict focus on the vision and the company's strategy organisational design creates meaning, identification and professional conduct.

We use our tools to assist organisations to build a strong, determined vision and to establish all the essential principles which allow work to be meaningful, effective and successful.

We build the future together

The vision and the mission give an organisation direction and are both indispensable. We provide guidance and act as sparring partners on the path towards painting attractive and energetic pictures of the future.

A vision is like a pole star used to orient strategic processes on the one hand and on the other, helps the staff understand the framework for meaningful action. Missions clarify the core competency and the identity. Both constitute the central building blocks of any successful organisational design.

Success is chiefly determined by the way how the vision and mission are formulated in the first place. trainconsulting gives consultancy and guides organisations towards defining a shared goal and provides assistance on how to walk that path in a manner that already complies with that vision. All that is done with the overall objective in mind to become the organisation it can and would like to be.

Maintain a dialog even in a crisis

Especially in cases of harsh cuts, restructures or even cutback scenarios, it is critical how these changes take place, and how the management and employees are actively involved so that they comprehend the purpose of these measures.

We support the management in building decision-making and communication processes which ensure that even in the time of a crisis a positive culture of responsible cooperation will be maintained and lived. That is the basis for future success.

1 + 1 = 3

The merger of organisations is often a delicate task, bearing in mind that something like a shared identity should be the outcome. At the same time, the strengths of both of the "old" organisations should prevail.

This will be achieved only if all identities and origins of the individuals involved are joined in a way that they can bundle their resources with utmost appreciation and respect and at the same time realise and use their strengths. Under such circumstances the vision of a new organisation can emerge, which keeps the best parts of the past and initiates the necessary changes for the new, shared endeavour.

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