Qualitative Organisational Analysis

Profound change processes consume energy, money and attention - nevertheless, they often fail. A qualitative organisational analysis allows to determine a joint integral view of the initial situation before the change process and of the essential factors that are crucial for success.

During a qualitative organisational analysis we use open-ended interviews to listen in on your company, we observe and we ask questions. Our set of proven socio-scientific methods helps to identify even latent, i.e. subconscious or unexpressed functional factors.

We focus on the organisation and its environments, and not so much on individuals or their traits and relationships. In that way, it is possible to visualise and discuss the topics that are critical to success without the organisation being blocked by arguments about who might be to blame or who might be responsible.

Reading recommendation

Case study (German): Eine Tiefenstrukturanalyse verändert Führung (Ana analysis of underlying structures changes the management)

Oliver Schrader: Licht ins Führen bringen. Qualitative Führungsanalysen als Grundlage für Veränderung, German (The bright side of leadership. Qualitative management analyses as a basis for change)

Book recommendation on qualitative organisational analyses (German)

Oliver Schrader, Lothar Wenzl: „Die Spielregeln der Führung“ (German)

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