Life Factor Screening Online Questionnaire

The method we have developed gives an overview of the fundamental issues which managers have to deal with, constantly and on a regular basis, to make an organisation fit and successful. We call them "life factors".

Our online questionnaire puts your focus on these seven life factors.

Life Factor Screening helps you to manage your organisation and make decisions.

It sheds light on the matters that need more attention and reveals resources that can be tapped more intensely.

If everyone in your company gives attention to these topics and factors on a regular basis, frictional losses are minimised and energy can flow more easily towards implementing projects and reaching the goals of the organisation.

What does a typical Life Factor Screening involve?
  1. Process Planning
    In consultation with you we design the analysis process, which includes e.g. internal communication about the proposal, informing the participants, the framework for communicating results, etc.
  2. Set-up and Installation of the Tool
    We will work together collectively to define the overall conditions and then adapt the questionnaire accordingly to suit your project and/or your company: Launch, duration, reminders, number of participants, adaptation of the questionnaire, the type and depth of analyses to be made, the nature and number of control groups.
  3. Survey and Evaluation
    We will provide you with the access data for forwarding them to the participants, who will then fill in the online questionnaire. When the scheduled survey period has elapsed we will analyse the data and deliver the report of results.
  4. Workshop for Result Interpretation
    In a subsequent reflection workshop our consultants will collaborate with you to interpret the analysis results and together we will define recommendable actions and steps to pursue.
What is your benefit?
  • You get a quick and effortless way to gain differentiated insights into your organisation.
  • This screening is also suitable for individual management or project teams.
  • You easily reach all team members and make sure they are involved in planned change processes.
  • Systemic questionnaire: We evaluate the organisation, not individual qualities, opinions or assessments. You will receive the "big picture".
  • You will be able to identify and juxtapose specific conclusions by comparing functions or company units, which will let you gain relevant information.
  • In the evaluation workshops the results and their contextual content will be coupled with interventions.
  • If the survey is repeated after a reasonable period of time, changes can be identified and your projects can be evaluated.
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